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PharmOptima, as a Sponsor to the Targeting Ocular Disorders conference (http://www.healthtech.com/targeting-ocular-disorders/), would like to offer you a Free Pass.  Passes provide access to the exhibit hall during poster hours, the annual welcome reception and the 2016 plenary program on Meeting the New Challenges of Novel Drug Development.  Keynote & Exhibit Hall Passes are available free of charge until Friday, September 9 and can be reserved at http://www.discoveryontarget.com/dot-hallpass.

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Targeting Ocular Disorders

Since 2003, PharmOptima has been advancing drug discovery by providing in vitro and in vivo contract research services.

PharmOptima’s proven approach to drug discovery and optimization focuses on our ability to maximize your program's success by developing customized solutions for your intellectual property problems and providing the highest quality data in a rapid timeframe to move your compound up the value chain.

Founded by scientists with broad expertise and years of pharmaceutical experience, we truly understand the value of solving the complex problems associated with drug development. Our multidisciplinary scientific team consults with you to provide research strategies to optimize your success 


PharmOptima's Core Expertise

Drug Development Services

  • full range of pharmacokinetic and ADME services for IND/NDA
  • vivarium with skilled technical staff
  • LC-MS/MS method development and validation
    • FDA Crystal City guidelines
    • GLP compliant sample analysis

Ophthalmic Research Services

  • pharmacokinetics/ADME
  • pharmacology and biochemistry
  • specialized dosing
  • specialized tissue and fluid collection
  • precise sample processing and bioanalysis
  • biomarker assays
    • MSD electrochemiluminescence
    • standard ELISA

Ocular Efficacy Models

  • VEGF induced retinal vascular leakage (wet AMD)
  • blue light damage (dry AMD)
  • STZ induced diabetic retinopathy
  • laser induced CNV
  • LPS induced Uveitis
  • allergic response

Biochemistry Services

  • cell-based assays
  • protein expression
    • prokaryotic (E.coli)
    • eukaryotic (mammalian, insect cell/baculovirus)
  • protein purification
  • ligand binding assays
  • isothermal denaturation
  • enzyme inhibitor characterization and mechanism
  • fluorescence polarization and other fluorescence based assays
  • biomarker assays
    • ELISA
    • MSD electrochemiluminescence

Bioanalytical Services

  • rapid screening methods
  • method development and validation
    • FDA Crystal City
    • OECD
  • preclinical pharmacokinetics
  • PK/PD assessment
  • toxicokinetic investigations of absorption and clearance
  • bioavailability/bioequivalence
  • ocular PK
  • cassette (n-in-1) dosing and analysis
  • prodrug and metabolite PK

Assays and Assay Development

  • immunosorbent assays
    • traditional ELISA (HRP, AP)
    • ECL (Meso Scale Discovery format) technologies
  • development of multiplex immunoassays using MSD technology
  • cell-based assays: signal transduction (eg cAMP)
  • ligand binding assays
    • radio-isotope
    • isothermal denaturation
    • fluorescence intensity and polarization
  • enzyme assays and kinetics
  • inhibitor mechanism and validation
  • MSD Certification
    • Human Aβ42
    • Human Total Tau

Laboratory Services

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