PharmOptima LLC Completes Facility Addition

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

PORTAGE, MICHIGAN, August 21, 2012 – PharmOptima LLC announced today that it had completed an expansion to its’ laboratory facilities. The addition provides expanded space for in vivo studies as well as mass spectrometry and other analytical procedures.

Dr. Steve Weber, Vice President, stated “… we are enthusiastic about our expanding study business and this addition helps us keep pace with our clients’ growing demands for our services. Over the past several months we have been asked to quote ever more studies requiring expanded space and equipment.”

PharmOptima expects to add 3-4 new positions over the next month and up to an additional 10 positions early in the new year.

PharmOptima, LLC ( is a contract research business advancing drug discovery by optimizing drug lead identification using proof of concept studies. The Company provides consultation and laboratory support with expertise including identification of chemical hits by optimizing screening assays; turning hits into leads through designing and implementing secondary assays and confirming initial in vivo delivery, efficacy, tolerance and ADME.

Contact Information:

PharmOptima LLC

Mr. A. Christian Schauer, CEO and President

Tel. 269-329-4370