PharmOptima LLC adds additional analytical equipment

Saturday, July 21, 2012

PORTAGE, MICHIGAN, July 21, 2012 – PharmOptima LLC announced today that it had added an MSD 6000 SECTOR® imager to further its expanding capabilities in development of biomarker assays. The new piece of analytical equipment gives exceptional productivity and the high-speed, large format CCD camera reads a full range of MSD plates ranging from 24 to 1536-well formats.

Mr. Douglas Decker, Vice President at PharmOptima, said “… this very sophisticated device opens up a multitude of exciting and interesting opportunities for us to develop assays with a high degree of specificity and sensitivity. We are using this technology to develop biomarkers for a mouse model of spinal muscular atrophy.”

PharmOptima, LLC ( is a contract research business advancing drug discovery by optimizing drug lead identification using proof of concept studies. The Company provides consultation and laboratory support with expertise including identification of chemical hits by optimizing screening assays; turning hits into leads through designing and implementing secondary assays and confirming initial in vivo delivery, efficacy, tolerance and ADME.

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