Genesis Global Group

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PharmOptima is a proud member of Genesis Drug Discovery & Development (GD3), a fully integrated CRO providing services to support drug discovery programs of our clients from target discovery through IND filing and managing Phase I-III clinical trials.

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We are experienced at conducting in vivo pharmacokinetic and metabolism studies. Our in vivo proof of concept testing and model development is designed to confirm drug delivery, efficacy, and tolerance in rodents and rabbits.

What we can do for you:

  • pharmacokinetic analysis of blood (plasma)
  • metabolite isolation and characterization
  • bioequivalence studies
  • formulation screening and optimization
  • bioavailability studies (po, sc, im, ip, intratracheal)
  • single dose and multiple dose PK studies
  • discovery liquid formulation development and optimization
  • drug distribution in tissue/organ and body fluid and determination of blood and brain ratio for brain penetration
  • metabolic kinetics with active metabolites
  • PK study for design of dose and dose regimen in various rodent disease models